Best Irish Language Names For Girls 👧: Are you expecting or have you already given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and can’t think of a name for her? Do not worry! In this blog, we cover some of the best Irish language names you can give to your newborn girls. Continue reading to learn more.


This 2022, the Irish-language movie ‘The Quiet Girl’ won one of the most prestigious award in Ireland, namely the 2022 Irish Film and Television Academy award’s main prize.


The story follows a young 9-year old girl named Cáit, spending some time away from her dysfunctional family in 1980s Ireland, in her summer vacation, proceeding to stay with a foster couple.


I do not want to give out too much details about the movie, but I can say that I really enjoyed watching it and would highly recommend it to you.


The name Cáit, if you did not know already, is a name of Irish origin. Cáit in Irish means “pure”, which makes it much more beautiful. Thinking of this, the gears suddenly went turning and gave me an idea to share with you some of the most beautiful and popular Irish language names for girls.


As a result, we cover some of the best names you could give your baby girl should you want it to be Irish. Read more below to learn more.



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What are the best Irish language names for girls


This 2022, did you know that Maeve was the most popular name for girls in the whole world? And guess what? The name Maeve has Irish roots! See the full top 10 list below:


Top 10 girl names for 2022


  1. Maeve
  2. Luna
  3. Aurelia
  4. Ottilie
  5. Eloise
  6. Ophelia
  7. Isla
  8. Iris
  9. Freya
  10. Alice


This tells us that Irish names have become more and more popular as the years go by.


If you have any Irish origins at all (really, even if you do not), then we suggest you take a look at some of the best names you can give to your baby girls – or girls, if you have twins or plan on having more in the future.


Irish girls names


1. Aoife (pronounced as ee-fa)


First on the list is the Irish name Aoife. This beautiful name means, as mentioned, ‘beautiful’, ‘radiant’ or ‘joyful’. The name Aoife was likely derived from the Gaelic word ‘aoibh’, which means ‘beauty’ or ‘pleasure’.


Aofe was known in Irish mythology as the greatest woman warrior in the world. She has a son with the mythological hero Cuchulainn named Connlach and has king for a father, the king of Connacht.


According to legend, St. Patrick himself arranged her marriage.


2. Ailbe (pronounced as ALL-bay)


Another one of the best Irish language names for girls is Ailbe. The Irish name Ailbe is taken from an old Irish word meaning ‘white’. St. Ailbe (6th century) was associated with the monastery at Emly in County Tipperary.


The local people vehemently asked St. Ailbe that he bless a river that contained no fish. St. Ailbe did, and that very day, the river was filled with an abundance of fish.


3. Roisin (pronounced as ro-SHEEN)


As for the name Roisin, this pretty Irish name means ‘little rose’. The name Roisin has been used in Ireland since the sixteenth century.


When Irish patriotic poetry and song was outlawed in Ireland, Irish bands would disguise their nationalistic verses and love songs, and sing about Roisin Dubh ( also ‘Dark Rosaleen’) as the poetic symbol for their country.


The people built five churches in St. Ailbe’s honour at the best fishing spots along the river. You can consider this Irish name as ‘unisexual’ (i.e., considered as either boy or girl name).


4. Ciara (pronounced as KEE-ra)


This Irish name has a male counterpart called Ciaran. The name Ciara comes from the Gaelic word ‘ciar’, which means dark. ‘Ciar’ implies dark features, like hair or eyes. In history, St. Ciara was a distinguished figure who established a monastery in Co. Tipperary during the seventh century.


5. Niamh (pronounced as neec or NEE-iv)


One of the best Irish language names for girls also includes Niamh, which means ‘radiance’, ‘luster’ or ‘brightness’. In Irish mythology, Niamh was the daughter of Manannan, the god of the sea – she was known as ‘Niamh of the Golden Hair’ and was usually depicted riding on a white horse. She was the lover of poet-hero Oisin; together they lived in Tir-na-nOg, the land of eternal youth.


6. Deirdre (pronounced as DEER-druh)


The most beautiful woman in ancient Ireland, she was bethrothed to the High King Conchobhar Mac Nessa but she fell in love with his nephew Naoise. Deirdre and Naoise eloped to Scotland where they lived a blissful exile for many years.


By offering forgiveness, Conchobhar tricked them into returning to Ulster where Naoise was slain by the jealous Conchobhar. Deirdre threw herself from Conchobhar’s chariot rather than live with the man who had caused Naoise’s death.


It was said that her grave was near to Naoise’s and that a yew tree grew from each plot. The yew trees grew toward one another till their branches intertwined, joining the two lovers even after death.


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