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Irish Language Monks 📜: Did you know that the Irish monks of the past had something to do with the Latin language’s vast improvement? From a barely-readable, tightly-knit and hard to understand language, they transformed it into the language that we know and study until this day.


Irish Language Blessings 🕈: Have you any idea of the common Gaelic sayings that people utter during a particular event? In this blog, we identify these specific sayings and find out which event people usually say them.


Basic Irish Phrases 🗣️: Have you any idea of some of the most common Irish language phrases that you should totally know of? If not, then we have got you covered! In this blog, we share some of these phrases with you that you can say to get by in Ireland. So, read on to learn more.


Irish Language Jobs 💼: As many of you might have expected, you can consider yourselves extremely fortunate if you, at the very least, know a bit about Gaeilge – much better if you are fluent at it. Plenty of job opportunities await you!


Irish Language In Dublin 🗣️: In this blog, we will try to debunk the common concept that the Irish language is considered ‘alien’ in the country’s capital, which is Dublin – thought by those who live in the capital themselves. 


Irish Language And Unionists ❌: Why do you think do the unionists in Northern Ireland (Ulster) strongly oppose the Irish language act? Let us discover in this blog. Read on to learn more.


Irish Language Prayers 🙏🏻: Do you have any idea about Ireland’s religious background in the past and present? And when we talk about religion, we also talk about prayers; do you know some prayers in the Irish language? In this blog, we will talk all about that. Continue reading this blog to learn more.


Difference Between Manx And Irish 🌍: In our past blogs, we have mentioned both of these languages a couple of times already. But of course, many still want to learn more about them. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between Manx and Irish Gaelic. Are they both the same or do these languages differ from each other? Read this blog to learn more.


What Is Standard Irish Gaelic? 📄: Do you have any clues as to what standard Irish language the Republic of Ireland uses? If you do not, we have got you covered. We will talk about that in this blog. Continue reading to learn more.


Irish Language Act In Northern Ireland 🇮🇪: There have been quite some developments overnight on the dispute to implement an introduced Irish language legislation, which has died down for quite some time. 


Irish Language Poetry 📜: In this blog, we will discuss Irish language poetry’s history and its importance, whilst also citing some examples you should check out. Continue reading to learn more.


Gaeltacht Courses For Adults 📜: You can find a number of courses that can help you learn and even master the Irish language at a workable rate. In this blog, we will share vital information you should know about the courses.


Irish Language Certificate 📚: Adults have the option to learn and hone their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Irish by taking the Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge, abbreviated to TEG and also called European Certificate in Irish. What is it? Who can take the test? We will discuss all of that and more in this blog.


Irish Language Plays And Dramas 🎭: Do you know the rich history of plays and dramas done in Irish? What are their significance in learning the Irish language? In this blog, we will discuss all of that and more. 


Irish Language Games And Gifts For Kids 🧸: According to research, playing plays (pun intended) an important role in a child’s development. Among the skills they can learn through playtime, learning language stands out the most, in my opinion. With that said, are there any games or gifts you can give a child to learn the Irish language? How much can games and gifts help a child learn the Irish language? Learn more by reading this blog.


Is There An Irish Language University? 🏫: Is or are there any university/universities available in Ireland? In this blog, we will try to find out. Read on to learn more. An bhfuil nó an bhfuil aon ollscoil / ollscoileanna ar fáil in Éirinn? Sa bhlag seo, déanfaimid iarracht a fháil amach. Léigh ar aghaidh chun níos mó a fhoghlaim.


How Similar Is Irish To Other Languages? 🗒️: Studying language is one of the most beautiful ways to feel fulfilled in life. We might not get into it that much into a linguistics level, but still, we learn so much spending our time researching one language. Just the other day, we wrote about the difference between Classical and Modern Irish – an interesting topic to talk about. In this blog, we present to you a different, yet equally interesting, topic. 


Difference Between Classical And Modern Irish 📚: Obviously, a language can undergo changes through years, decades and even centuries. It has a limitless potential for evolution. The same is true for the Irish language. Before the modern Irish language some speak today, there existed a same – albeit a little different – form of the Irish literary language called Early Modern Irish or Classical Irish. This literary language had a shared literary form referred to as Classical Gaelic. What is Classic Irish or Gaelic’s main difference from the Modern Irish used today?


What Is Irish Language Script? ✍🏻📜: We see them on road signs and public notices everyday; throughout Ireland, you will find many places having these. What I am talking about for this blog is the Irish language or Gaelic script. What is its history? Did it have any preceding writings (i.e., orthography)? 


How Many People Spoke Irish Before The Famine? 📜☘️: When we think about the country Ireland, we, of course, associate it with the Irish language – Gaeilge or Gaelic, as well. This is as true as connecting France with French, Russia with Russian, Turkey with Turkish or Spain (along with plenty more countries) with Spanish. But for centuries, the English language, instead of the Irish language, is the most spoken of Ireland. When those not from Ireland think about it, it definitely does seem weird to them – a vernacular language with significantly less than half of those that live there speaking it. What is worse is there are more Polish-daily speakers than there are Irish in Ireland! Now, what transpired in the past for this to happen?


Can Irish Understand Scottish Gaelic? 🤔💭: This question has been brought up quite a few times already. I can certainly confirm its status as an FAQ or frequently asked question. And, like any other FAQ, we at Fluentirish would love to debate and discuss everything we know about this topic. Going back on track, Irish and Scottish Gaelic do indeed resemble each other to be compared. 


How Hard Is The Irish Language Leaving Cert? 🏫: Last time, we have discussed the period it takes to typically learn the Irish language. Of course, I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything and say that the Irish language is one of the easiest language to know. 


How Long Does It Take To Learn The Irish Language? ☘️: My niece, Hannah, asked me the other while I was working the lengths and efforts you have to achieve to learn the Irish language. Of course, the answer to that will always be a long time. And, by long, I mean really long if you really want to immerse yourself fully.


Ogham Irish Language 📜: Last week, we have discussed an interesting topic, namely the origin or history of the Irish language. Reading the blog, you will encounter a term that may be unfamiliar to you – Ogham. I might have discussed it a bit in which some might left it at that. But, there are some that became curious of the Ogham alphabet and its link to the Irish language, so talking about it through a separate blog became a plan, which led us to this blog. Below, we will talk about some interesting facts that you should know.


Origin Of The Irish Language 📗: A reason why one wants to learn everything he or she can about the Irish language is because he or she is trying to discover his or her past —his or her historic roots. Similarly, the Irish language has its own history. Let us discover its history here.


English Words Of Irish Origin 🍀: Most of the language in this world borrowed some words from other languages. The same goes for the English language; it has borrowed tonnes of words from other languages. For example, the english work ketchup, catsup (tomato sauce) originated from the Cantonese word 茄汁, phoneticised as ke jap. Some Irish words were also borrowed from the English language, resulting in English words of Irish origins. 


How Many People Speak The Irish Language? 🤔: The decline of the Irish language, for me, is unsurprising when you think about it. That is because nowadays, it is more practical to speak English: the universal language. As a result of that, practicality meant speaking the English language over the Irish language. With that said, it certainly made me think, “how many people speak the Irish language nowadays?” 


Irish Language Schools 🏫: Of course, studying at school is very important for everyone. And, assuming that you searched for this blog, you might be searching for schools that can teach the Irish language. Gaelscoileanna, in particular, produces young students that can speak the Irish competently. 


Irish Language In Canada 🍁🍀: Last week, we have discussed Irish language in America. For this blog, we will talk about another interesting topic: the Irish language in Canada. Like America, does Canada have a place or multiple places where Gaeilge prevails? We at Fluentirish, along with our readers, will know by reading this!


Online Irish Language Lessons 📚 🖥️: When is the best time to learn the Irish language? Of course, the answer is every time possible! Now, the question is: where can you get some lessons or classes that can teach you Irish? Let us enumerate some below.


Irish Language In America ☘️: Now, what do you think is the reason why many Americans yearn to learn – or even master – the Irish language? Do they learn it just for the heck of it? Or, is there a deeper reason? Let us find out!


Irish Language Pop Songs 🎶: What impact do songs written in Gaeilge have? What are some of the most popular songs in Irish? Furthermore, are they helpful in mastering the Irish language? Let me discuss it with you in this blogs.


Learning The Irish Language As An Adult ☘️: Everybody has it etched in their minds that children at a very young age can learn language (of course, the Irish language included) easier and more efficiently than adults. Is that really the case?


Irish Language Movies 📽️: Could some Irish language movies competing with the likes of Star Wars and Jaws?


Audio Books In Irish Language 🎧 📚: Do audio books really help in learning the Irish language? Today, we will discuss just that.


TV Shows In Irish Language ☘️: Last time, we have discussed interesting topics like the Irish language being a dead language or determining whether the Irish language is hard to learn or not. Today, it will be different. Continue reading below.


Is Irish Gaelic A Dead Language? 🇮🇪: Now, many of you will agree that the Irish Gaelic is a fascinating language. But is it a dying language?


Is Irish Hard To Learn? 🤔: “Why is Irish so hard to learn?” “Is it hard to learn Gaelic?” “How difficult is it to learn Irish?”


Connacht Irish Pronunciation ☘️: Continuing from where we left off last week, let us now continue on with our next topic of focus for today – Connacht Irish, its pronunciation, origins, and more. For those who missed our last blog, read this blog tackling Munster Irish.


Munster Irish Language 🍀: The quest to know Fluent Irish continues. Now, it is time for us to learn Munster Irish – or Gaeilge Na Mumhan.


Learn Ulster Irish: How To Perfect Your Ulster Irish Dialect – Without Stress!


How To Become Fluent In Irish: 🇮🇪 How To Learn Fluent Irish Language!


Best Irish Language Podcasts ☘️: Learn Irish Gaelic By Listening!