Adults’ Irish Language Courses In Gaeltacht


Gaeltacht Courses For Adults 📜: You can find a number of courses that can help you learn and even master the Irish language at a workable rate. In this blog, we will share vital information you should know about the courses.


You do not have to be intimated in trying to learn the Irish language as an adult. It is still very much possible, now that we are in the digital age and information is easily accessible wherever you are – just as long as you have an internet connection and a device.


FluentIrish advises you to make use of the free, available resources such as podcasts, audio books, videos and more at your arsenal. However, if you truly want to immerse yourself in the language and its culture, we suggest you enrol in adult Gaeltacht Irish languages available to hasten your learning. Below, we will discuss everything you should know about the example courses we will share.


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Best available Gaeltacht courses for adults


First off, you should try enroling at Gael Linn. There, they have an available Gaeltacht courses for adults.


Ar dtús, ba cheart duit triail a bhaint as rollú ag Gael Linn. Tá cúrsaí Gaeltachta acu do dhaoine fásta.


Gael Linn, for everyone’s information, has an extensive history. It was founded in 1953 and is an organisation of the national level who has a principal aim of “fostering and promoting the Irish language and its heritage as a living language and as an expression of identity at policy and at community level.”


It has offices located in Dublin and Armagh in which they operate on an all-island basis.


Additionally, the current Board of Directors, for everyone’s information again, are as follows: Clár Ní Bhuachalla, Úna Ní Cheallaigh, Pádhraic Ó Ciardha (Cathaoirleach), Micheál Ó Conghaile, Wayne Mac Feilimí, Peadar Ó Lamhna agus Caoimhín Ó Peatáin.


Gael Linn Gaeltacht courses 2022


Now, where can you find the courses to enrol and immerse yourself in the Irish language?


Anois, cá bhfaighidh tú na cúrsaí chun tú féin a chlárú agus a thumadh sa Ghaeilge?


Gael Linn’s Gaeltacht courses for adults are held in Gaoth Dobhair, Co. Donegal. This particular area is one of the largest  Irish-speaking areas in all of Ireland.


Where do the classes take place?


Cá mbíonn na ranganna ar siúl?


Well, the classes take place in Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, or simply ‘Ionad na hOllscoile’ according to Google Maps). Moreover, quoting Gael Linn: “The area is one of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by the Derryveagh Mountains, the most majestic of which is Errigal. Some of the finest beaches in Ireland are to be found in Gaoth Dobhair.”


More important information on the course


How many times in a week does the course run?


To answer your question, the Gaeltacht courses for adults typically run Sunday to Saturday. There, Gael Linn holds Irish language classes each day starting from 9:30 am up until 3:00 pm – from morning to afternoon.


Moreover, there are varied evening programmes available which include lectures,  poetry-readings, table-quiz, céilí, etc. If enroled, you can find there useful information about cultural events taking place in the vicinity.


The 4-level courses


Again, quoting Gael Linn:


“Typically there are 4 levels on each course and we try to cater to all levels:
1) New to Gaeilge: complete beginners, for people who have never learned Irish or have very little knowledge of the language.
2) Basic: for anyone who has studied Irish before, still at a basic level but have some phrases.
3) Intermediate: for anyone looking to improve on confidence speaking, increases vocab and have a decent understanding of Irish.
4) Advanced: anyone who has a very good grasp on the language and is looking to focus improving grammar and vocab at a high standard.”

The participants of the course far away from their homes make their own accommodation arrangements. Gael Linn can give them a list of hotels and guest houses.


The date for Gael Linn Gaeltacht courses in Summer 2022 has not been decided yet and is to be confirmed. Of course, you can find more information and updates by going to their website.


Gaeltacht courses for adults: Coláiste na Rinne


Now, you also have the option of enroling at Coláiste na Rinne if you want to learn and immerse yourself in Irish. Like the first one, we will share vital information on these Gaeltacht courses for adults.


About Coláiste na Rinne


You should first know about the history of Coláiste na Rinne before continuing.


This Irish language summer school was established in 1905 and was officially recognised as such in 1907. Many displayed an interest in learning the Irish language, particularly those living in Dublin who visited the area in 1093, hence informally establishing this school.


Fast forward to today, Coláiste na Rinne now offers a wide range of classes and “cultural experiences” to basically everyone that want to learn and visit. Learners and visitors come from many parts of the world. Furthermore, it also has a boarding school for 10 to 12 year old pupils, summer schools for 12 to 19 year students. All in all, it has a wide variety of facilities that helps in promoting the Irish language.


More on the courses


Coláiste na Rinne has a number of available Gaeltacht courses for adults to choose from. You can take a look at Irish Classes Online, Irish Language and Cultural Programme and Bespoke Courses.


Take a look at their official website to learn more.


FluentIrish: our podcasts


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