Irish Language Blessings That You Should Know


Irish Language Blessings 🕈: Have you any idea of the common Gaelic sayings that people utter during a particular event? In this blog, we identify these specific sayings and find out which event people usually say them. Read on to learn more.

Just as there are an abundance of basic and common Irish phrases, there is never a shortage of superstitious beliefs when it comes to the Irish culture. Their beliefs are simply not limited to the lucky four-leaf clover that gave good fortune when discovered and kept.


For starters, did you know that saluting a duo of magpie, according to the Irish, brings you good fortune? Conversely, a single magpie can strike fear and sorrow if a person fails to salute to it. However, the sorrow can be mitigated when the person salutes to the single magpie.


In saying this, the Irish language and culture also has plenty of ways to say their blessings and wish one good luck and fortune for any occasion. Marriages, travels, start of life and even deaths – the Irish can send their short blessings which they can say every day.



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The importance of a blessing


Some might not know the weight of a blessing uttered for the betterment of another. So, we will define and simplify it for you.


Obviously, words wield power you can never quite imagine. What we mean by that is our words can greatly influence the lives of others. Therefore, saying words of blessings can bring encouragement, hope and the drive to accomplish goals to not just our family but also to our friends and others.


Is this a religious thing?


Quite frankly, no.


Even if these Irish language blessings ask for heavenly intervention most of the time, this does not mean that person saying this engages heavily in religion. Instead, this is a long-time tradition that people have already been accustomed to. Most of the time, people really say this to express their intention to wish one fortune, hope and a better future with their future endeavours – thinking of nothing else.


If you want to learn more about Irish religion, take a look at our blog on Irish language prayers.


Below, we delve deeper into the discussion and state some common Gaelic blessings. If you happen to go to Ireland, you can use these blessings and say them to the natives there.


Irish language blessings used for plenty of occasions


Let us first start off by mentioning some blessings said in general.


When you want to wish one with good health and a long life, you can simply say Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat. Essentially, this literally translates to “live a long life and have good health, always”. If you only intend to wish one good health, you can simply say Sláinte chugat or “good health to you”.


One of the simplest and most-used Irish language blessings in Ireland is Go raibh míle maith agat! In essence, this blessing simply means “many thanks” or literally “that you may have a thousand good things”. Obviously, this blessing is said to give thanks. We can pronounce it as “Guh rev mee-lah maw og-ut”. Additionally, you can also say Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort! (pronounced as Muh hyawch(k)t mann-ach(k)t urt) as a general blessing much like the former. In English, this translates to “My seven blessings on you”.


If you find a friend or family in distress, you can say one of the most famous Irish language blessings to them: May you escape the gallows, avoid distress and be as healthy as a trout. Hopefully, you do not get to say this as often because, after all, we want our friends and family to stay happy, healthy, blessed and problem-free, right?


Irish language blessings for death and funerals


This section of the page shows how you can pay your respects to the departed ones by saying simple yet powerful blessings.


Now, if you want to wish someone who recently passed away the blessings of God, you can simply say Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. This Gaelic blessing literally translates to “May his/her/their soul be on God’s right hand”. Furthermore, you can pronounce this as “Err yesh Day guh rev ah ann-am”.


In addition, you can also utter Solas Mhic Dé ar a n-anam for the departed ones. Its English translation is “The Light of the Son of God on his/her/their soul” and pronounced as “Suh-lass Vic Day err a nan-am”.


Gaelic blessings for weddings


If you ever find yourself in an Irish wedding, you should equip yourself with some Irish language blessings for the bride and groom. Wish them good luck and fortune with your blessings. Here, we state some examples you can say to them.


You can say the Irish traditional Sláinte na bhfear agus go maire na mná go deo which translates to “good health to the men and may the women live forever”. Its pronunciation is “Slawn-cheh na var agus guh mara na min-aw guh joh”.


If you want to also include their children and future generations to come with blessings, you can say Sliocht sleachta ar shliocht bhur sleachta. This Gaelic blessing translates to “may there be a generation of children on your children’s children”.


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