Irish Language Games And Gifts For Kids


Irish Language Games And Gifts For Kids 🧸: According to research, playing plays (pun intended) an important role in a child’s development. Among the skills they can learn through playtime, learning language stands out the most, in my opinion. With that said, are there any games or gifts you can give a child to learn the Irish language? How much can games and gifts help a child learn the Irish language? Learn more by reading this blog.


I used to other playing games and toys when I was a kid. In fact, I still do today, but more so in the form of toy collecting rather than playing. I especially loved playing board games such as Monopoly, which helped me with my negotiation skills.


With this in mind, I suddenly thought, “is playing with toys and games really that much helpful in learning?” And, of course, research validates that. The question is, what if we incorporate that with Irish language learning? Is playing with games and receiving toy gifts helpful for kids to let them learn the Irish language? The answer to that is, of course, yes. Below, I will share some useful information and examples of games and toys kids can play with.



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Examples of games and gifts for kids that can help them learn the Irish language


First, let us look at how playing can help a child in language learning. Ar dtús, déanaimis féachaint ar an gcaoi ar féidir le súgradh cabhrú le leanbh foghlaim teanga.


Depending on what toy you give to your child, it can help them with trying to learn language. For example, giving a name to their stuffed toy can help them learn empathy (conveying feelings when playing and talking to it) and language (of course, learning its name and talking to it). They certainly learn a lot by interacting with their toy – sleeping with it, loving it, tucking it to bed and more.


As they grow a little older, they can start learning language more by playing with toys associated with the alphabet. According to Creative Child,


Toys that help develop toddlers’ language skills are ones that engage more than one of their senses. You may find that letter blocks or puzzles with the alphabet on them great choices for providing a toddler the chance for real hands-on learning. Show your toddler how to put together letter cubes or assemble a puzzle of the alphabet, and he’ll begin to associate letters with sounds.


Now, with the information we have, we can safely gift kids with games or toys to help them learn the Irish language. Below, I will share some examples of games and gifts you can give to kids to help them learn the Irish language.


Here are the Irish language games and gifts for kids:


Bábóg Baby


The Bábóg Baby is a teddy bear toy that kids can interact with in Irish. It can help children learn Irish words in a more enjoyable and fun way. It has 33 words that your child can hear, which covers colours along with shapes and numbers.


Playing Charades


Another famous game in which you can incorporate the Irish language is Charades. What exactly is Charades?


Basically, Charades is pantomiming. You play it by acting out a phrase without speaking at all; you have to be dead silent. As you act out the phrase, your team then tries to guess the phrase, gathering information through your actions. You have to guess much faster than the opposing team to score a point and win.


Now, incorporate that with the Irish language and you have a word-guessing game in Irish! Not only can it be played by kids, but also adults that wish to have fun and learn at the same time.




One of the most famous board games in the world can also help kids learn the Irish language. Is féidir le ceann de na cluichí boird is cáiliúla ar domhan cabhrú le páistí an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim.


The rules are pretty much simple and straightforward, in all honesty. I will explain the basics. First, choose two to four players to start the game. They each get seven tiles from a pool and after each turn, should replenish their tiles. Forfeiting a turn is allowed, in which they can exchange some or all of their letter tiles for those in the pool.


When a player forms a word, he or she can count the value of all the letters. Also, depending on where they place the letters, they can score bonus points (i.e., premium squares).


Imagine all of the Irish words you can form in Scrabble! Now, you can enjoy playing with your family and friends whilst learning Irish.


Irish language games and gifts for kids: educational resources


On the internet, you can find plenty of education resources you can download and print for children to play. Here, we will share some with you if you intend to get some useful resources for your kids to play.


An Aimsir, a Gaeilge Bingo


Description: Use this fantastic resource to play bingo in groups or as a whole class; simply read out the words/calculations/etc on the list and have them cover the word/answer if they have it on their board. Alternatively, you can use the cards and boards together to create a simple lotto matching game. Perfect for introducing new topics in a fun and interactive way!


Build a Sentence Cards as Gaeilge


Description: Once you’ve downloaded this resource, you’ll discover 5 differentiated worksheets for children to explore. 4 of these worksheets include a variety of Gaeilge words, and 1 worksheet contains a sentence structure sheet. Using the selection of cards provided that include nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions, kids are asked to build a sentence as Gaeilge.

This activity is suitable for individual, pair or small group work. Perfect to explore as a fun activity which improves children’s understanding of sentence structure as Gaeilge.




Learning a language does not only mean studying for countless hours. Enjoyable games such as playing games and getting toy gifts can help kids learn the Irish language.