Irish Language News 📺: Where does the average Irish citizen get their reliable news source? In this blog, look at some of the most famous news services and websites the Irish language offers. Read on to learn more.


“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.”

Arthur Miller


Before the age of technology, people back then relied on getting the most relevant news through word of mouth or physical resources such as newspapers.




“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Matt Mullenweg, Social Media Entrepreneur


But now, everything has drastically changed. Even with newspapers still existing to this day, the people of today now mostly rely on technology, specifically their devices, to get the “latest scoop”, as the field of journalism would say, or simply some normal news about the weather.


Who even picks up and reads the newspapers anymore? No one really reads the newspapers nowadays. People simply turn on their televisions and access the news channel. Or even more convenient, they resort to getting out their phones, laptops or computers and accessing the most famous and reliable news sources online.


Now, before you go on and call us “boomers”, let us make a disclaimer and say that we fully support how the people of the present get their news without much hassle. With a few typing and clicking… boom, news source in an instant!


Ireland itself has adapted to the evolution of technology and has a number of Irish language news services and websites people all over the world can easily access.

Tá Éire féin tar éis dul in oiriúint d’éabhlóid na teicneolaíochta agus tá roinnt seirbhísí nuachta Gaeilge agus suíomhanna gréasáin ar féidir le daoine ar fud an domhain teacht orthu go héasca.


Below, we cover some of the current modern media outlets, giving each a bit of background. Additionally, we answer the question “Can reading or watching the news in the Irish language help me learn Irish better?” so we can give our readers and Irish-learner hopefuls more options. Stay tuned and read on to learn more!



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The best Irish language news outlets


Should you give up on your quest to learn the Irish language if you do not have the means to learn it in a school or university? The answer to that, of course, would be no.


You have lots of resources to choose from – either through books or the Internet – where you can start and progress. Watching Irish language news, in particular, is a great way to improve your Irish language skills.


What news sources should you watch or access to learn Irish? We have a few for you!


Probably the most famous news service for those who understand or speak Irish would be Nuacht RTÉ le TG4 or RTÉ and TG4 News in English. Found on RTÉ television, one can watch it live daily at 5:00 pm on RTÉ News and at 5:40om on RTÉ One.


Did you miss watching the latest or some episodes? Or, do you not have the RTÉ television available to you? Do not worry, you can access the latest news in Irish easily through their website RTÉ’s website or the RTÉ player


Just click on the links we have provided above and enjoy watching the news in the Irish language!


Other news sources in the Irish language to help you learn Irish Gaelic


Are you a beginner Irish learner and want to learn the latest news in Irish?


If so, then you can easily learn of the week’s main news stories whilst reading it slowly in Irish through Radio Public’s Nuacht Mhall. These news stories and podcasts, much like ours, will help you get acclimated to learning the Irish language more, with a bonus feature of hearing the latest news and stories.


More on Nuacht Mhall – they have a mobile app available for both iOS and Android, in which you can enjoy the following:


  • User-created playlists and collections
  • Download episodes while on WiFi to listen without using mobile data
  • Stream podcast episodes without waiting for a download
  • Queue episodes to create a personal continuous playlist


Another news aggregator website you can access which you can access to learn the Irish language is Nuacht1. I personally access news sites such as Tuairisc, an online Irish language news page, and NÓS, an Irish news magazine site.


Can reading the news help you learn Irish?


Reading or watching the news in Irish will help you tremendously!


Basically, you can immerse yourself in the Irish language through their news services and websites.


What we’ve said when watching Irish TV also applies to when watching, reading or hearing the news:


By now, you know that there are many interesting TV channels and shows that uses the Irish language. And, if you are currently learning Gaelic, that makes it all the more worthwhile. Really, you only need to pick a few that interest you. Moreover, it is not only available on TV, but it is also available on other platforms – specifically mobile phones, tablets, computers, or laptops. We have technology to thank for that.


Learn Irish through FluentIrish


Now that we have shared with you some examples of Irish language news sources through television and online news services, we also want to discuss with you how we can help you in everything Irish-related.


ba mhaith linn plé leat freisin conas is féidir linn cabhrú leat i ngach rud a bhaineann leis an nGaeilge.


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