Irish Language Options For Phones 📲: In this blog, we discover if there exist any options to set your phone’s language to Irish for your apps and social media. We suggest that you read this blog to learn more. 


Unfortunately, not everyone can fully immerse themselves in the Irish language. Some non-Irish folks who wish to learn Gailge firsthand such as going to Ireland might find this too expensive or too much effort to do.


So, what can you do to learn more about the Irish language, preferably at the comfort of your homes? For starters, you can buy or borrow and utilise books that teach a plethora of things you need to know about the Irish language. You can also browse the web and search for sites, audio books, podcasts (ours, for example – beginner-friendly Irish podcasts) etc. to boost your Irish-language skills.


How to improve more


All of these mentioned can and will help you improve your Irish. However, are there any other ways you can add to incorporate more of Irish into your daily lives? The answer to that, of course, is yes! The answer is in the palm of your hand, literally. High chances are, you are currently using a mobile phone to read this blog. What if we told you that there are Irish language options not just for your phones, but also for your social media accounts and even apps?


Below, we answer some of the questions you might have and give detailed instructions on how to instil the Irish language on mobile phones, apps and social media.


We suggest that you read all of what we have to say in this blog to learn more.

Molaimid duit a bhfuil le rá againn sa bhlag seo a léamh chun tuilleadh a fhoghlaim.



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Irish language options for phones: detailed instructions


First off, you do not need to attend a gaelscoil just to get started when it comes to learning the Irish language. As we have mentioned above, you can do all of those to immerse yourselves in Gaeilge. In this blog, we will mainly focus on adjusting your mobile phones, social media and apps in a way that Irish language can be integrated.


Now, we start off with Facebook, arguably the biggest face of social media today. How can you set Facebook’s language to Irish? That is easy.


First, log in to your Facebook profile. Navigate to the Settings & Privacy section of your Facebook account and click on Language. It should have a globe icon that you can easily find under Settings & Privacy. Next, after clicking Language, you should find at the very top an option called Facebook language – Language for buttons, titles and other text from Facebook for this account on 


facebook irish language options for phones


Click the Edit button and it should immediately provide you with plenty of language options all over the world. To make navigating easier, click the dropdown of languages and press G and A to make the Gaeilge option immediately pop up. Simply click and and press ‘Save changes‘. And voila! your Facebook language is now in Irish!


Gmail can also be translated into Irish


The option to change your language into Irish in Gmail has long been available – since December of 2014, to be more precise. According to Newstalk,


Their localisation team worked with Irish Googlers, Gaeilgeoirí and a small group of Irish language experts to put the service in place. 


Speaking at the time of the launch a member of the Dublin localisation team named Laura Brassil, explained:


“Language is the foundation for communication and an important part of cultural identity and according to the last census one million people in Ireland speak Irish. This project was a global effort with our teams in Mountain View California, Zurich in Switzerland and here in Dublin working together with Irish language experts who volunteered their time to make this happen.”


As for enabling, it is extremely easy. Just go to your Settings page in Gmail and find language. Choose ‘Gaeilge’ and save your settings. That is all there is to it!


Irish language options for phones: Samsung


A while back, multination tech giant Samsung also installed Irish language options in their then-new set of phones called the Tocco phone. They are also the first handset to have the option of Irish language predictive text.


This might sound a bit old to you, but it was the then-latest touch-screen mobile phone with a five-megapixel camera that included an automatic face detection feature and an image stabiliser.


In addition, Samsung added other interesting features such as a built-in full web browser and music player – practically a must for mobile users – with high-speed HSDPA internet access, all housed in a brushed metal case.


How did this come about? Samsung worked with an Irish translation firm to build the 44,000 Irish language dictionary, and software was created specifically for the use of the new T9 dictionary.


While the Irish T9 dictionary will not be included in every handset Samsung produces from now on, country manager for Samsung Mobile Ireland, Gary Twohig, said it will be a feature on selected launches.


“This is something that has never been done before, and is a direct reflection of the increased popularity in Irish,” said Mr Twohig.


“The decision to offer an Irish language option handset is something that we have been looking at for some time – and definitely won’t be a one-off.”


How about iPhone?


Like Samsung’s phone mentioned above, does an iPhone have an Irish language option. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, you can set its region to Ireland, meaning that it will change the dates on Calendar and the clock.


How do you do this? Simply go to Settings. Then, proceed to go to General. Find the Language & Region option, then change the region to Ireland. Take note that applying this setting will restart the iPhone before taking effect.


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Now that we have shared with you how you can access and implement Irish language options for your phones, apps and social media, we also want to discuss with you how we can help you in everything Irish-related.


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