The Importance Of Irish Language Pop Songs


Irish Language Pop Songs 🎶: What impact do songs written in Gaeilge have? What are some of the most popular songs in Irish? Furthermore, are they helpful in mastering the Irish language? Let me discuss it with you in this blogs.


Music is something I hold very dear in my heart. Anytime and anywhere I go, I always bring music with me. More specifically, I listen to my favourite songs before I sleep, after I wake up, during meals, and so on and so forth. That is how it’s very important for me – it’s part of my daily routine and lifestyle!


I am quite sure that what I do is also the same case for many. Songs are just something that makes you feel incredible things! When you exercise, bet on upbeat songs to hype and invigorate you up. As for before bedtime, songs with a nice and slow melody will do wonders and help you sleep like a baby. Trust me when I say that music is literally there for you anytime and anywhere you want.


Táim cinnte go leor gurb é an rud a dhéanaim an cás céanna do go leor freisin. Níl sna hamhráin ach rud a fhágann go mbraitheann tú rudaí dochreidte! Nuair a bhíonn tú i mbun aclaíochta, cuir geall ar amhráin upbeat chun hype agus bríomhar a thabhairt duit. Maidir le roimh am codlata, cuirfidh amhráin le fonn deas mall iontais ort agus cuideoidh sé leat codladh mar leanbh. Iontaobhas orm nuair a deirim go bhfuil ceol ann go liteartha duit am ar bith agus áit ar bith is mian leat.


Think about it


But, when you stop and put your thoughts on it, do you think that listening to foreign songs can help you learn a new language? What if you listen to some Irish language pop songs? Would that help with your journey in seeking to learn the Irish language? The Fluentirish says yes!


Now, what Irish songs are available to listen to? We will enumerate some good examples here.


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Looking at popular Irish language pop songs


Over the course of many years, there have been many pop artists singing in the Irish language or simply singing while honouring their Irish heritage such as Macklemore. Heck, we can even find Ed Sheeran singing his hit song “Thinking Out Loud” in Irish!


I am quite ecstatic of the fact that the Irish language has been held in great respect through pop music.


One band that sung in the Irish language I recently stumbled upon is Exiles. I really liked their song Rearview Mirror or  Fagtha chun deiridh – the Irish version of it, of course.


Other pop songs I like are Grá dom Leonadh, Ba Mhaith Liom Bruíon le d’Athair, and Seo é d’amhrán. It’s one thing to hear a beautiful song, but it’s definitely another to hear a beautiful sung with a beatiful language!


Eurovision has songs sung in Irish… right?


In a world where English is widely regarded as the most universal language, hearing other artists sing in a different, beautiful language is a breath of fresh air, at least for me, that is.


In recent years, I have come to know Eurovision, a music competition wherein we see a number of countries showcasing live songs and performance of all kinds. You can expect it to look like American Idol or X-Factor. And, if I may ask, did you know that the Eurovision Song Contest is the largest non-sports broadcast on television in the world?


Le blianta beaga anuas, chuir mé aithne ar Eurovision, comórtas ceoil ina bhfeicimid roinnt tíortha ag taispeáint amhráin bheo agus taibhiú de gach cineál. Is féidir leat a bheith ag súil go mbeidh cuma American Idol nó X-Factor air. Agus, más féidir liom a fhiafraí, an raibh a fhios agat gurb é Comórtas Amhrán Eurovision an craoladh neamh-spóirt is mó ar domhan?


Hearing the word Eurovision might make you think that it is exclusive to European countries, but that is not the case. The Eurovision Song Contest held its fair share of non-Euro participants which includes Australia and Morocco.


As such, has the contest had any Irish language pop songs in the mix? The answer is yes. However, through the years, only one Irish language pop songs has made it on its 64-year (going 65) history. This was quite a surprise considering that the Eurovision Song Contest consists of many countries that speak another language aside from English. I would have expected more Irish language songs, from pop, soul, jazz, or whatever genre to be used.


‘Ceol an Ghrá’


‘Ceol an Ghrá’ was the song presented at the Eurovision Singing Contest on 1972 sung by Sandie Jones which should have been held at Monaco but was instead at Scotland. The song won at the National Song Contest held at the Cork Opera House.


The song came in at 15th place. And unfortunately, this was the first and last time Ireland performed in the Irish language or Gaeilge.


Can Irish language pop songs be used to learn Irish?


The simple answer to that question is a big, fat yes! As I have mentioned above, songs make you feel different kinds of good (or bad – it depends) emotions. As a result, you play it whenever and wherever the chance you get.


Listening to Irish language pop songs is a bliss. Many people, whether Irish or non-Irish, love Irish language pop songs.


By repeating the songs again and again, you can effectively memorize and put to heart the Irish lyrics, words, phrases, or whatnot. 


This is one effective way to learn the Irish language even as an adult.


Here is an example of an Irish song:



Final thoughts


Irish language pop songs have a certain, distinct beauty to them that I cannot get enough of. I am quite saddened on the fact that it is not where it needs to be in regards to worldwide recognition. But it is only a matter of time before it gets recognised globally.


As for learning the Irish language through pop or other genre of songs, it is possible. It can immensely help with your learning.


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