Irish Language Pubs 🍺: I know that you, the reader, like drinking as much as I the next person. I do, too! But did you know that in Ireland, there are pubs that not only offer you cold drinks and a good time, but also the chance to speak Irish? Read what we have in store for you!


Nowadays, we can truly say good bye to the notion of Irish as a ‘dead language‘. Gone are the times of people thought about failed stints in Gaelscoil and lowly-thinking of anything Irish-related. I myself have bode farewell to it, and so should you.


In a research that dates back to 2016, only 27.9 per cent of people that spoke Irish daily live in Gaeltacht (an Irish language-heavy community) areas. The rest live outside of it, obviously, indicating that the Irish language is alive and well. And just to add, these are all outside of education, meaning they were not quote, unquote ‘force fed’ the language in school.


Recently, pubs have been making a name for themselves as places where one can interact using the Irish language. We can thank the Pop-up Gaeltacht for that, its efforts having successfully revived the Irish language in pubs.


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This can also be seen in the recent success of Osgur Ó Ciardha and Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh’s Pop-Up Gaeltacht, taking place once a month in a variety of different pubs across Dublin, as well as internationally, allowing people with all levels of the language to actively participate in conversation. I spoke to both Peadar and Osgur about the brand, the Irish language and what this adds to Irish bars.


The Pop-Up Gaeltacht project started just two years ago – its first venue being The Bernard Shaw – and was, according to Osgur, “Inspired by the negative cycle of news that surrounds the language”. The language can be intimidating for many but the aim of the pop up is to provide “Diverse social spaces where Irish speakers can congregate without having to switch to English,” said Osgur, where people “Can engage with on their own terms with their friends”.


The only way this went is up, as now, more and more pubs have become an Irish-language haven for adults of all kinds. Below, we provide some of the best pubs for speaking Irish language or Irish Gaelic, so we expect you to read on to learn more.


Saol fada chugat!



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Pubs where you can speak the Irish language freely


Crack open your beers and get ready to learn!


For better or for worse, having a bit of alcohol in your system would, er… boost your foreign-language skills. On a more serious note, pubs all over Ireland now offer you a chance to study the Irish language and its culture at nighttime.


If ever you wind up in Ireland for a vacation or anything business-related, then we suggest that you unwind at night and hone your Irish-Gaelic speaking skills at the same time.


Below, we take a look at some of the best and most famous pubs wherein you can speak Irish Gaelic to your heart’s content.


Áras na nGael


Probably the best we know if here in FluentIrish is the Áras na nGael.


It is an Irish-speaking bar found in Galway that not only offer you a chance to prove your skills in Irish, but even engulfs you in its rich culture! Its sister bar located in Dublin, as some of you might not now, outright forbids speaking in English or anything not named Irish.


Entering the stony archway, you will not find anything English. The name of the pub, different poster on the wall, signs to the bathroom – all of it, you will not find in English. They are all written in the traditional Irish language we all know and love.


It is a pleasant space that anyone can go to speak and interact in Irish with people that they know (or not – it is a good way to make new friends!) that appreciate the language, too.


irish language pubs - Áras na nGael
location of Áras na nGael


Irish language pubs: Club Chonradh na Gaeilge


Another example of a pub that promotes the use of Irish is Chonradh na Gaeilge.


It is a pub located in Dublin that also lets its customers go wild (maybe not much) and free whilst speaking the Irish language.


From Dublin Town:


This Irish language speaking pub, brings a slice of the Gaeltacht to the city. Not just a place to go, drink, be merry and speak a cúpla focal, the club boasts concerts, singalongs and sean nós nights. Club Conradh na Gaeilge is an ideal location for those dedicated to keeping the Irish language alive.

Other pubs that promote Irish Gaelic


Of course, the two pubs above are not the only ones that let you freely speak the Irish language and let you immerse in its rich culture whilst having a good time.


Below, we provide you with the best pubs for speaking Gaelic.


Are there any more you want to share? We’d surely like to hear them from you!

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