Irish Language Spell Checker ⌨️: In this blog, we provide you with a number of options you can use to write in the Irish or Gaelic language better. There are a number of Irish language spell checkers software, and we will cover both free and paid versions in this blog. 


When writing, grammar should not be the only aspect of it you should improve upon. Spelling, the act of accurately creating words by placing the letters correctly, is one of the most important part of writing successfully and conveying a thought.


No matter what language you use, you should make sure to spell correctly. That way, everyone can understand you and receive your thoughts with little to no effort. However, this might prove hard to those who are studying a whole new language such as Irish.


The Irish language, in particular, is fairly difficult to learn. Quoting Irish Central,

It is a difficult language to learn. It has so many of its own rules and it can be complicated.

It’s also just like any other language in that if you don’t get the opportunity to use it you’ll forget it which is a shame.


As a result, one should practice constantly if he/she aims to perfect the Irish language. One thing you can practice on is spelling – you can use an Irish language spell checker online to discover and memorise Irish word spellings. Below, we give you an overview of software you can use to improve your Irish language spelling. Continue reading this blog to learn more.



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What is a spell checker?


How do you define a spell checker?

Conas a shainmhíníonn tú seiceálaí litrithe?


A spell checker (or simply spellchecker), first and foremost, is a software application that – already quite obvious due to its name – checks the spelling of words while currently being written or after they have already been written. Additionally, it can also provide suggestions for what it sees as misspellings.


There are many spell checkers for many languages. Irish language spell checkers have already been available for a couple of decades already.


Irish language spell checker: best examples


As mentioned above, there are both free and paid versions of Irish language spell checkers you can find and download on the internet.

Mar a luadh thuas, tá leaganacha in aisce agus íoctha de sheiceálaithe litrithe Gaeilge is féidir leat a fháil agus a íoslódáil ar an idirlíon.


We give one example of a free Irish language spell checker below:

Tugaimid sampla amháin de sheiceálaí litrithe Gaeilge saor in aisce thíos:


Stars 21


Stars 21 is a website that provides spell checkers for different languages, which, of course, include Irish. It is easy to use. We quote:


Type or paste a Irish text to check the spelling into the input box above.

At the left column, select spell checkers you like by clicking the check boxes, then just click the “Go”button.

The web page of the checked spell checker will be executed.

If you would select multiple spell checkers, click the icon  to view one.

Click the “Reset” button to close spell checkers if you don’t need them any more.


In addition, you can even use a virtual Irish keyboard.


To use the online Irish keyboard, click the keyboard icon.


Free and paid Irish language spell checker: GaelSpell


Probably one of the most famous Irish language spell checker there is is GaelSpell. It is a powerful Irish language spell checker that has been freely available since the year 2000. The latest version currently recognizes more than 390,000 words, and their developers continues to add more Irish words to their database.


Don’t know where to use GaelSpell? Don’t worry, you don’t have to guess where. You can use GaelSpell on all major computing platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows), or even directly in your web browser thanks to a nice interface created by Michal Boleslav Měchura, and powered by the GaelSpell web service.


What about MS Word?


Good news: you can even implement this Irish language spell checker into your Microsoft Word! Although this is a paid version, you can enjoy a lot of perks whilst using this. Basically, GaelSpell can help you detect Irish language spelling mistakes as you go along and type in Microsoft Word on Windows.


Irish language spell and grammar checker


In addition, they now even have the more-poweful GaelGram, a new online Irish grammar checker to go along with checking the spelling.


“Thinking about buying GaelSpell? I wanted to let you know that my latest Irish grammar checker GaelGram is now available because it’s even more powerful than my original GaelSpell and Anois software. GaelGram is my new online Irish grammar checker that works in the cloud. It’ll check your Irish spelling and Irish grammar – and even suggest automatic corrections. It works on laptops, tablets and phones via web browsers and includes downloadable add-ins for Word, just like GaelSpell and Anois. Click here to find out more about GaelGramThere’s a free trial available of GaelGram too.”

– Diarmaid Mac Mathúna, Founder, Cruinneog

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