Irish Language At Universities Outside Ireland 🏫: In this blog, we help our readers find universities outside Ireland where they can study the Irish language. Want to have a chance at learning Gaelic but do not have the means to go to Ireland? Then, this blog is for you!


Do you have to go to Ireland to learn the Irish language?


To learn Gaeilge or Irish, one may assume that they should have to go to a prestigious Gaelscoil (Gaelic school) or Ollscoil (University) situated in Ireland.


For starters, Gaeilge or Irish is the national language of the Republic of Ireland. In addition, it is officially a minority language in Northern Ireland, as well as an official language of the European Union.


Not a lot of people, even in Ireland, speak the Irish language. The English language has long taken over Ireland as the most spoken language there. However, there are still lots of resources one can take advantage of if they want to learn the Irish language.


How to learn


Audio books, podcasts, websites – those are all easily-accessible resources you can use as a beginner. But if you truly want to grasp the Irish language at a higher level, then going to an Irish language school or university should be at the top of your list.


With that said, do you really have to go Ireland to access some of the best universities and schools to learn the Irish language? Or are there any universities outside Ireland that offers Irish language courses?


Answer: No, you do not have to go to Ireland. Of course, there are schools outside of it you can go to!

Freagra: Ní gá, ní gá duit dul go hÉirinn. Ar ndóigh, tá scoileanna taobh amuigh de ar féidir leat dul chucu!


Below, let us take a look at some examples of universities outside Ireland that offer a range of Irish courses.

Anseo thíos, breathnaímis ar roinnt samplaí d’ollscoileanna lasmuigh d’Éirinn a chuireann raon cúrsaí Gaeilge ar fáil.



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Where to study Irish in universities outside Ireland


In the year 2009, the Government grant-aided different universities across the globe in the hopes of getting more people to speak Irish.


Different countries such as the US, Czech Republic and Poland, along with other tertiary-education sector in different countries, reportedly received a total of €700,000 to boost Irish.


Read more of the article below:

Léigh tuilleadh den alt thíos:


“They include Karlova University in Prague; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland); Freiburg University in Germany; Utrecht University in Holland; and the University of St Thomas in Texas.


“In all, more than 40 universities and other third-level colleges are benefiting from the grant aid to support and develop the teaching of Irish abroad in 2009.


“The largest single sum (€231,000 ) has been granted to the Fulbright Commission — the official cultural exchange programme between the Irish and US governments. The Commission appoints Irish language assistants from Ireland to third-level institutions in the US.”


Fast forward to today, efforts to revive and spread the once-dead Irish language have been going as strong as ever. Numerous universities outside Ireland offer a wide range of Irish courses. Let us take a look at some examples.


Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: The University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge’s (located in the UK) Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic has recently offered free non-credit classes in Modern Irish at three levels for the academic year 2021-22, which opened to all staff and students of the university.


Now, those who study or work there might find the free program beneficial, especially if they intend on immersing themselves in the Irish language.


The Irish courses are geared to scope and the competence of one’s and sharpen listening, speaking and reading skills. The three level are as follows (with short descriptions in each level):


Basic Level (Beginner)/Bonnleibhéal (Tosaitheoirí)


If one does not possess prior knowledge about Irish, then this is the perfect course for them. This course aims to develop students’ communication skills and function normally in a typical everyday setting using the Irish language. Through different activities, they will have a better grasp of the Irish language, both in speaking and writing.


Intermediate Level/Meánleibhéal


As for the intermediate level, this course aims to strengthen the already-existing knowledge of the students when it comes to the Irish language. The course will also make use of different visual resources such as televisions and newspapers to help students gain more insight into the everyday usage of the Irish language.


Advanced Level/Ardleibhéal

Finally, we have the advanced level. This course is perfect for those who are already fluent in Irish. If you enrol in this program, then you have to remember: no speaking in English. Ní cheadaítear ach an Ghaeilge!


Other universities outside Ireland that you can go to if you want to learn Irish


Below, we present other universities outside Ireland that offer a wide range of Irish courses suited to your wants and/or needs.



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