Online Irish Language Lessons That Can Help


Online Irish Language Lessons 📚 🖥️: When is the best time to learn the Irish language? Of course, the answer is every time possible! Now, the question is: where can you get some lessons or classes that can teach you Irish? Let us enumerate some below.


Cathain a bhíonn an t-am is fearr chun an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim? Ar ndóigh, is é an freagra gach uair is féidir! Anois, is í an cheist: cén áit ar féidir leat roinnt ceachtanna nó ranganna a fháil a fhéadfaidh Gaeilge a mhúineadh duit? Lig dúinn roinnt thíos a áireamh.


For the passionate and determined, every day is an Irish-learning lesson day.


Many struggle learning the language due to its vast difference from other languages, most especially its difference from the English language. However, that is certainly not a reason for them to give up learning this beautiful language.


We created this blog in order to make it easier for them (and you, of course!) to grasp, at the very least, the basics. Then, after the basics, slowly moving up to more advanced Irish language lessons online will become much more smooth, transition-wise.


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Learning the Irish language through online lessons


One thing that comes into mind when trying to learn a new language is by going to the country itself to immerse in its people, culture, and of course, language.


However, many do not have the privilege of going to other countries like Ireland, mainly due to financial reasons. Or, another reason could be that one is too busy with work or whatnot to go to another country. As it is, they have to find other ways to learn. Fortunately, in this day and age, technology is at one’s whim. Ah, the wonders of technology!


The digital age made us acquire information faster than the speed of sound and light (okay, maybe I am a bit exaggerating here). Of course, this includes accessing language-learning resources. The internet is your friend when it comes to this. A little bit of research here and Google there online can land you some amazing resources that can help with your Irish language lessons.


We at Fluentirish can make this even easier by providing some useful resources (along with our own resources) to help with your language-learning.


Irish 101


Here is an Irish online class you might enjoy. Named Irish 101: An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture, it introduces you to the breathtaking culture of Ireland, along with the Irish language’s basics, of course.


The course runs for four weeks, with a 4-hour weekly study. The course itself is 100% online, which you could try for free. Additionally, by spending just a little bit of amount, there will be extra benefits to be enjoyed.


Basically, the topics you will cover should you take this Irish language online lessons includes the Irish language’s introduction, alphabets, pronunciations, numbers, and a whole lot more!


You only need to message them so that you can start right away. Guaranteed by them, through the end of the course, you can engage in basic, usable Irish language, discussions of where you came from, etc., and know the Gaeltacht areas such as those in Ireland (there is even a Gaeltacht area in Ontario).


Online Irish language lessons resource #2:


Next up, you can try to learn the Irish language. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive online learning set that helps you learn every day Irish at your own pace, which is quite needed to truly master the Irish language.


It was developed by Gaelchultúr and gives out many different courses aimed at anyone who wants to learn and improve their own knowledge. has full of fun and interactive exercise ready for accessing. Along with that, you will receive feedback on your performance almost immediately after finishing a task. The score and correct answers will then be shown after.


It is a responsive software accessible to phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. In other words, you can access anywhere you want with a device and enough data!


Emphasising “at your own pace”, you will never feel overwhelmed with the available courses. That is because it follows a syllabus aimed especially at beginners trying to learn the language.




This is probably the most famous in the list because it not only teaches Irish, but Duolingo can also teach other languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Hindi, and more. All in all, it offers 38 languages!


Moreover, the Duolingo app is free. You can get it in your phone – Apple or Android.


Want more online Irish language learning lessons?


Of course, you want to have a lot of choices when it comes to online Irish classes. As they say, “the more, the merrier”. Kidding aside, a lot of choices means that you can weigh in on what lessons or courses suit you best.




First of all, do you have any idea what this word means? If you have already encountered it while studying the Irish language through online lessons, then good for you! You are doing very well.


If not, then let me define it for you. Simply put: it means fluent – as in, fluent in the Irish language. As such, Líofa offers many online language courses or lessons intended to teach the Irish language.


Our very own podcasts


Finally, we cannot forget our very own: Fluentirish! We offer podcasts you can listen to that can help with your Irish language-learning.


Mar fhocal scoir, ní féidir linn dearmad a dhéanamh ar ár gcuid féin: Fluentirish! Cuirimid podchraoltaí ar fáil ar féidir leat éisteacht leo a chabhróidh le foghlaim na Gaeilge.


We currently have 15 podcasts you can listen to. Try and hear them for yourselves and test your Irish language knowledge.


Faoi láthair tá 15 podchraoladh againn ar féidir leat éisteacht leo. Déan iarracht iad a chloisteáil duit féin agus tástáil a dhéanamh ar d’eolas Gaeilge.


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