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TV Shows In Irish Language ☘️: Last time, we have discussed interesting topics like the Irish language being a dead language or determining whether the Irish language is hard to learn or not. Today, it will be different. Continue reading below.


An uair dheireanach, phléamar ábhair spéisiúla mar an Ghaeilge a bheith ina teanga marbh nó a chinneadh an bhfuil sé deacair an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim nó nach bhfuil. Inniu, beidh sé difriúil. Lean ort ag léamh thíos.


Everybody loves slouching on the couch on a lazy, work-free day. I, for one, am a big fan of that after a week-long worth of working in front of a computer screen, trying to write some stuff. Moreover, I like to accompany that with some mouthwatering crisps like Pringles or Snax. Along with that, I would drink my heart out with either a can of Guinness or Murphy’s.


Of course, I would be drinking all of that while watching the television or TV, whatever you would want me to call it. I used to watch Father Ted years ago. And now, technology caught up with me and use Netflix to watch some good shows or movies there. I even recently watched a show that piqued my interest – Dead Still, to be exact.


Ar ndóigh, bheinn ag ól sin ar fad agus mé ag féachaint ar an teilifís. Ba ghnách liom féachaint ar an Athair Ted blianta ó shin. Agus anois, ghabh an teicneolaíocht suas liom agus úsáid Netflix chun féachaint ar roinnt seónna nó scannáin mhaithe ansin. Bhreathnaigh mé fiú le déanaí ar thaispeántas a chuir spéis ann – Dead Still, le bheith cruinn.


With that said, there are many interesting TV shows that use the Irish language to watch. Today, I will discuss some of them. Who knows, maybe you might find something you like!


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TV shows in the Irish language that you might enjoy watching


There are many Gaelic TV shows that you should know of. The first example I will be discussing is one of the Irish language TV channels called TG4. Most Irish men and women have at least a passing interest in shows on TG4. But, for the sake of our foreign viewers, I will discuss its background here. TG4 is a widely accessible channel in Ireland due to it being free-to-air. Additionally, you can view it not just on the television but also on your mobile phones or computers.


Even with its limited budget, they produce many entertaining shows in Irish!


Known facts about TG4 include it having an average of 650,000 viewers a day in Ireland.


As for its content, an excerpt from what I linked before should explain it perfectly:


The channel’s programmes have achieved national recognition, prestigious prizes and awards at home and abroad and sales overseas.

Music, documentary and sports coverage have earned particular praise for TG4.  Its regular soap-opera, Ros na Rún has made its mark as has the channel’s distinctive news service, Nuacht TG4.


Watch the channel to learn more.


Tá clárnáisiúnta, duaiseanna agus gradaim iomráiteacha sa bhaile agus thar lear agus díolacháin thar lear bainte amach ag cláir an chainéil.

Tá moladh faoi leith tuillte ag clúdach ceoil, faisnéise agus spóirt do TG4. 


Many will find useful as they can learn the Irish language by watching TG4, among the other TV shows or channels. It is filled with loads of resources for online learning of the Irish language. You may or may not have watched it. Either way, we will show you how you can access the site. Open this site called Bitesize Irish and do the following:


How to watch TG4 live



How to watch recorded TG4 shows


  • Go to and go to WATCH, and select a category.


Show tip: “Garraí Glas” (green garden) is a favorite of ours. They visit people who grow their own veg, and you get to see gardens around the Irish countryside. Find it under the Siamsaíocht/Entertainment category.


Watch this video for an overview of the show:


Other TV shows where you can learn the Irish language


Aside from TG4, you can find other channels wherein you can watch and learn the Irish language at the same time. The nationl broadcaster RTE, much like TG4, can be viewed on TV or online through the use of phones or computers/laptops. It also hosts a number of shows in Irish. An example is the nightly news which you can watch below:



As for Northern Ireland, they have their own BBC news (Ulster Irish dialect) which in turn has its own set of shows in Irish. You can watch an example below:



Other Irish language TV shows I want to discuss


Finally, I want to mention some favourites when it comes to watching TV shows in Ireland which you can find on the said channels above. C.U. Burn is a good example of this. It really deals with a lot of interesting topics such as drugs – all the adult stuff, really. Not for kids. I’d advise you to make sure your children do not see this.


Additionally, another one to enjoy is Ros na Rún.  The show is, as mentioned above, a soap opera found on TG4. It is set in a place called Ros na Rún located near to An Spidéal. It tackles, much like C.U. Burn, adult topics.



Final opinions on Irish Gaelic TV


By now, you know that there are many interesting TV channels and shows that uses the Irish language. And, if you are currently learning Gaelic, that makes it all the more worthwhile. Really, you only need to pick a few that interest you. Moreover, it is not only available on TV, but it is also available on other platforms – specifically mobile phones, tablets, computers, or laptops. We have technology to thank for that.


Meanwhile, watch out for our next blogs to come.


Slán go fóill. 


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