Audio Books In Irish Language: The Best Way To Learn


Do audio books really help in learning the Irish language? Today, we will discuss just that.


Of course, there are other ways you can learn the language. For one, reading simple words first then onto more complex ones help. But without exposure, reading and reading is all for naught. You must be exposed to the language itself before you even grasp the concept of mastering it.


Reading is essential, no one can deny that. However, there must be more where that came from if you really want to learn the Irish language. In particular, I like watching Irish language shows on TV to understand how to speak and feel it more. I practiced speaking it all the time with my friends. Then, when I encounter some harder words, I write them down on my trusty notebook for future review.


Tá an léitheoireacht riachtanach, ní féidir le duine ar bith é sin a shéanadh. Mar sin féin, ní mór go mbeadh níos mó ann as ar tháinig sé sin más mian leat an Ghaeilge a fhoghlaim i ndáiríre. Is maith liom go háirithe féachaint ar thaispeántais Ghaeilge ar an teilifís chun tuiscint a fháil ar conas iad a labhairt. Anois, nuair a thagaim ar roinnt focal níos deacra, scríobhaim síos iad ar mo leabhar nótaí iontaofa le haghaidh athbhreithnithe nios deanai.



It became easier to learn the Irish language nowadays using audio books online. You can find many of them on the internet if you decide to learn the language. In this blog, we will discuss what audio books you should search, which includes our podcasts, of course! Discover now and read further to learn more.


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Examples of audio books you should listen to if you want to learn the Irish language


Now, before going further on the main topic, I want to discuss with you first the importance of listening to audio books. Some of you might downplay the help it provides, so the learning of its benefits is definitely vital.


Anois, sula dtéann mé níos faide ar an bpríomhábhar, ba mhaith liom plé a dhéanamh leat ar dtús ar an tábhacht a bhaineann le héisteacht le closleabhair. D’fhéadfadh cuid agaibh an chabhair a sholáthraíonn sé a íoslaghdú, mar sin is cinnte go bhfuil sé ríthábhachtach foghlaim a buntáistí.


1. It subjects you to the Irish language. As I have mentioned above, you must prioritise exposing yourself to the Irish language itself before anything else. To get a feel for it, is what I would say. Not everyone is a visual learner, after all. Speaking through the point of view of an Irish language educator, you can easily solve this by using an audio book. Those with or without learning problems can easily comprehend the content through the use of audio books.


2. Memorising becomes easier. In memorising, we usually first think about reading the content then on to the memorising part. But did you know that it also becomes easier to memorise or master the content (in our case, Irish language) through hearing it? It helps you remember easily. And, it certainly helps you retain what you learned. Audio books, in this case, are best used.


3. Like actual reading books, you can take them anywhere. One other thing why it is best to use audio books in learning the Irish language is because of its accessibility. This is certainly important in retaining what you learned. You must always practice when possible. With a mobile phone device, you can bring it anywhere with you. Just plug in earphones and you are set! And, when you get home, recharge your phone and use your laptop or personal computer in listening to the audio books! Easy, right?


Gaelic audio books


Without further ado, let us get to introducing examples of audio book or other resources you can access to learn the Irish language. published 13 examples of Irish language, called Closleabhair: 13 Irish language audiobooks you can listen to for free online, audio books you can view (along with our podcasts). Click the highlighted word for more information on the Gaelic audio books. Examples of the 13 mentioned include the following:


  • Daideo
  • Taithí Oibre – Jo O’Donoghue
  • An tIriseoir – Michelle Nic Pháidín
  • Liam Ó Muirthile – Oilithreach Pinn
  • Fuascailt an Iriseora – Michelle Nic Pháidín


Next, we also have Duolingo. If you do not know what Duolingo is, let me discuss it with you. From their tagline, “the world’s best way to learn a language”, you will get a crystal-clear idea on who they are. Honestly, I think it is the most popular language learning platform there is in the whole world now. Many have heard of it. And of course, many have used it. Use their resources and learn the Irish language!


Other notable examples of audio books to help in learning the Irish language


ClubLeabhar, in particular, have a new book each month. And often, if you want to further improve as much as possible understanding, reading, writing, and most of all, speaking the Irish language, you can listen to author read a chapter for free if you sign up.


Listening to children’s audio books can also aide in learning the Irish language. Below, we share with you an example:



That is just one example. There are other examples of children’s audio books in Irish. One more example is a set of stories – Fionn Mac Cumhaill stories, to be more precise.


Finally… Our podcasts can help you immensely!


Last, but certainly not the least, we have Fluentirish’s podcasts! Quoting my friend, “We are seeking to produce and grow an intermediate podcast for Irish learners – to move from basic level to increasing fluency”. View some of our podcasts here:

Clár 0001 – Sampla den leibhéal A1 – Clár Píolóta

Clár 0004 – Introduction episode – Clár Píolóta


And finally…


Clár 0011 – Nuacht i ngaeilge simpli


Give a listen to them to learn more about the Irish language!


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